GET /v1/auth/oauth/github/begin

Client side public endpoint to generate a redirect_url for OAuth provider that will direct the user to sign in via Github. User will first sign in to their Github account, Github will then call the Streambird callback URL set during the setup process for Github provider. Once Streambird completes the OAuth flow with Github, we will redirect back to the login/signup redirect URLs set for your App with an internal token for this session. You can then use this token to verify with our VerifyOAuthToken endpoint to retrieve the authenticated user and optionally the original access_token and refresh_token from Github.

HTTP Request

GET /v1/auth/oauth/github/begin

Query String Example



A successful response returns an object with a redirect_url property. If redirect query parameter is set to true, a response with status code 302 will be returned, which allows the browser to automatically redirect to the returned redirect_url without custom client side redirect logic.

Query parameters

  • public_token string Required

    Required Public token of the App, public token can be exposed in the frontend and client side SDKs.

  • redirect boolean

    Optional Determines if the response should be a 302 auto redirect instead of returning the redirect_url in the json with a 200 status code.

  • Optional If an existing user is found, this URL will be used for redirect upon the completion of the OAuth flow

  • Optional If a new user is created, this URL will be used for redirect upon the completion of the OAuth flow


GET /v1/auth/oauth/github/begin
curl \
Response example (200)
  "redirect_url": ""
Response example (302)
# Headers

# Payload
  "redirect_url": ""